Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2004
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
In re Qawi S100099 Mon, 01/05/2004
Mulder v. Pilot Air Freight S105483 Mon, 01/05/2004
Hagberg v. Calif. Fed. Bank S105909 Mon, 01/05/2004
People v. Valdez S026872 Tue, 01/06/2004
MacDonald v. Gutierrez S111253 32 Cal. 4th 150, 81 P.3d 975, 8 Cal. Rptr. 3d 48 Thu, 01/08/2004
People v. McCall S113433 Thu, 01/15/2004
Estate of Ford S105508 Thu, 01/15/2004
People v. Toney S104995 Thu, 01/22/2004
People v. Posey S100360 Thu, 01/22/2004
People v. Barragan S105734 Thu, 01/29/2004
Casa Herrera v. Beydoun S111998 Mon, 02/02/2004
People v. Danks S032146 Mon, 02/02/2004
People v. Pena S106906 Thu, 02/05/2004
Richmond v. Shasta etc. Dist. S105078 Mon, 02/09/2004
People v. Holmes S102965 Thu, 02/19/2004
Martin v. Szeto S103417 Thu, 02/19/2004
E.M.M.I. v. Zurich American Ins. Co. S109609 Mon, 02/23/2004
Huskinson & Brown v, Wolf S107616 Mon, 02/23/2004
Metro. Water of S.C. v. Sup. Ct. S102371 Thu, 02/26/2004
Catholic Charities v. Super. Ct. S099822 Mon, 03/01/2004
In re Jesusa V. S106843A Mon, 03/01/2004
In re Steele S114551 Mon, 03/08/2004
Covenant Care v. Sup. Ct. S098817 Thu, 03/25/2004
People v. Cleveland & Veasley S024416 Thu, 03/25/2004
People v. Smith S108291 Mon, 03/29/2004
Olmstead v. Gallagher & Co. S113272 Mon, 03/29/2004
People v. Taylor S112443 Mon, 04/05/2004
Venegas v. County of L.A. S113301 Mon, 04/05/2004
People v. Laino S103324 Thu, 04/08/2004
In re Young S106706 Thu, 04/15/2004
Dowhal v. SmithKline Beecham S109306 Thu, 04/15/2004
Zamos v. Stroud S118032 Mon, 04/19/2004
People v. Britt S115377 Mon, 04/19/2004
People v. Konow S111494 Thu, 04/22/2004
Aguilar v. Lerner S099667 Thu, 04/22/2004
People v. Oates S106796 Mon, 04/26/2004
State Farm v. Garamendi S102251 Mon, 04/26/2004
Marr. of LaMusga S107355 Thu, 04/29/2004
People v. Lenart S049389 Thu, 05/06/2004
Wiener v. Southcoast Childcare Centers S116358 Thu, 05/06/2004
Haynes v. Farmers Ins. Exchange S104851 Mon, 05/17/2004
People v. Pollock S040471 Mon, 05/17/2004
State of Calif. v. Super. Ct. Kings. Co. S114171 Mon, 05/24/2004
People v. DeLouize S108119 Mon, 05/24/2004
People v. Canty S109537 Thu, 05/27/2004
In re S.B. S112260 Thu, 05/27/2004
Gavaldon v. DaimlerChrysler S104477 Thu, 05/27/2004
Gerawan Farming v. Kawamura S104019 Thu, 06/03/2004
People v. Casper S114285 Thu, 06/03/2004
In re Marriage of Goddard S107154 Mon, 06/07/2004
Fletcher v. Davis S114715 Thu, 06/10/2004
Villa De Las Palmas etc. v. Terifaj S109123 Mon, 06/14/2004
John L. v. Sup. Ct. S098158 Thu, 06/17/2004
People v. Holloway S029550 Thu, 06/17/2004
People v. Cavitt & Williams S105058 Mon, 06/21/2004
People v. Lewis S020670 Thu, 06/24/2004
People v. Jones (Scott Allen) S103689 Thu, 06/24/2004
In re Alva S098928 Mon, 06/28/2004
People v. Jeffrey S105978 Mon, 06/28/2004
People v. Arnold S106444 Mon, 06/28/2004
People v. Majors S113086 Thu, 07/01/2004
Nolan v. City of Anaheim S113359 Thu, 07/01/2004
People v. Mosby S104862 Thu, 07/08/2004
People v. Carmony S115090 Thu, 07/08/2004
People v. Brown S087243 Mon, 07/12/2004
Rojas v. Super. Ct. S111585 Mon, 07/12/2004
People v. Stewart S020803 Thu, 07/15/2004
Borissoff v. Taylor & Faust S105600 Thu, 07/15/2004
People v. Griffin S029174 Mon, 07/19/2004
Kulshreshta v. First Union S115654 Mon, 07/19/2004
People v. American Contractors S120474 Thu, 07/22/2004
Kirkeby v. Sup. Ct. S117640 Thu, 07/22/2004
In re George T. S111780 Thu, 07/22/2004
People v. Celis S107885 Mon, 07/26/2004
People v. Wallace S113321 Mon, 07/26/2004
In re Lucas S050142 Mon, 07/26/2004
Travis v. Santa Cruz Co. S109597 Thu, 07/29/2004
P. v Wilkinson S111028 Thu, 07/29/2004
People v. Brown S113929 Mon, 08/02/2004
People v. Leal S114399 Thu, 08/05/2004
Jonathan Neil & Assoc. v. Jones S107855 Thu, 08/05/2004
Bronco Wine v. Jolly S113136 Thu, 08/05/2004
People v. Griffin S109734 Mon, 08/09/2004
People v. Hernandez S117651 Mon, 08/09/2004
People v. Montoya S111662 Mon, 08/09/2004
Reeves v. Hanlon S114811 Thu, 08/12/2004
Lockyer v. San Francisco S122923 Thu, 08/12/2004
People v. Cole S027766 Mon, 08/16/2004
People v. Langston S115998 Mon, 08/16/2004
People v. Ault S119948 Mon, 08/16/2004
People v. Marlow S026614 Thu, 08/19/2004
People v. Coffman & Marlow S011960 Thu, 08/19/2004
People v. Robertson S118034 Thu, 08/19/2004
In re Seaton S067491 Mon, 08/23/2004
In re Jennings S115009 Mon, 08/23/2004
Marr. of Harris S101836 Mon, 08/23/2004
Sav-on Drug Stores v. Super. Ct. S106718 34 Cal. 4th 319, 96 P.3d 194, 17 Cal. Rptr. 3d 906 Thu, 08/26/2004
People v. Haley S007531A Thu, 08/26/2004
Claxton v. Waters S106106 Mon, 08/30/2004
People v. Barker S115438 Mon, 08/30/2004
Bronco Wine v. Jolly S113136M Wed, 10/13/2004
Cassim v. Allstate S109711M Wed, 10/13/2004
People v. Williams S110377 Mon, 10/18/2004
Jonathan Neil & Assoc. v. Jones S107855M Wed, 10/20/2004
People v. Coffman & Marlow S011960M Wed, 10/27/2004
Stockett v. Asso. Calif. Water Agencies S108220 Mon, 11/01/2004
McClung v. EDD S121568 Thu, 11/04/2004
People v. Briceno S117641 Thu, 11/04/2004
Morohoshi v. Pacific Home S120903 Mon, 11/15/2004
People v. Ramos S030956 Mon, 11/29/2004
People v. Seel S106273 Mon, 11/29/2004
Tipton-Whittingham v. City of LA S112943 34 Cal. 4th 604; 101 P.3d 174; 21 Cal. Rptr. 3d 371 Thu, 12/02/2004
Graham v. DaimlerChrysler S112862 Thu, 12/02/2004
People v. San Nicolas S028747 Mon, 12/06/2004
Gates v. Discovery Communications S115008 Mon, 12/06/2004
People v. Morrison S023835 Thu, 12/09/2004
Coalition etc. v. City of L.A. S119897 Thu, 12/09/2004
People v. Monterroso S034473 Mon, 12/13/2004
People v. Braxton S114375 Mon, 12/13/2004
People v. Horning S044677 Thu, 12/16/2004
People v. Combs S033975 Thu, 12/16/2004
Long Beach v. Dept. Industrial Relations S118450 Mon, 12/20/2004
Elsner v. Uveges S113799 Mon, 12/20/2004
Lewis Jorge etc. v. Pomona USD S112624 Thu, 12/23/2004
Robinson Helicopter v. Dana Corp. S114054 Thu, 12/23/2004