Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2003
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
In re Roberts S071835 29 Cal.4th 726 original opinion Thu, 01/02/2003
In re John Z. S103427 29 Cal.4th 756 original opinion Mon, 01/06/2003
Geneva Towers Limited Partnership v. City and County of San Francisco S090136 29 Cal.4th 769 original opinion Thu, 01/09/2003
People v. Burgener S024642 29 Cal.4th 833 original opinion 30 Cal. 4th 225a modification Mon, 01/27/2003
In re Scott S059739 29 Cal.4th 783 original opinion Mon, 01/27/2003
People v. Adair S098218 29 Cal.4th 895 original opinion Thu, 01/30/2003
Kavanaugh v. West Sonoma County Union High School Dist. S101633 29 Cal.4th 911 original opinion 30 Cal.4th 225c modification Thu, 01/30/2003
People v. Seneca Ins. Co. S104487 Mon, 02/03/2003
Henkel CorPeople v. Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co. S098242 Mon, 02/03/2003
Gardner v. Sonoma Cty. S102249 Thu, 02/06/2003
People v. Roberge S094627 Thu, 02/06/2003
People v. Reliford S103084 Mon, 02/10/2003
Colmenares v. Braemar S098895 Thu, 02/20/2003
Alford v. Super. Ct. S098233 Thu, 02/27/2003
Little v. Auto Stiegler, Inc. S101435 Thu, 02/27/2003
Korea Supply Co. v. Lockheed Martin Corp. S100136 Mon, 03/03/2003
Lockheed Martin CorPeople v. Super. Ct. S088458 Mon, 03/03/2003
People v. Gutierrez S102162 Thu, 03/06/2003
People v. Jones (Ernest) S046117 Mon, 03/17/2003
People v. Barnum S095872 Mon, 03/17/2003
People v. Hernandez S105271 Thu, 03/20/2003
In re Marquez S102729 Thu, 03/27/2003
In re Martinez S103581 Thu, 04/03/2003
People v. Snow S018033 Thu, 04/03/2003
Bonanno v. Cent. Contra Costa Transit S099339A Mon, 04/07/2003
Small v. Fritz Companies S091297 Mon, 04/07/2003
People v. Dent S024645 Thu, 04/10/2003
Co. of Riverside v. Super. Ct. S107126 Mon, 04/21/2003
People v. Maury S012852 Thu, 04/24/2003
Cruz v. PacifiCare Health S101003 Thu, 04/24/2003
Teter v. Newport Beach S106553 Mon, 04/28/2003
White v. Davis S108099 Thu, 05/01/2003
People v. Smith S028339 Thu, 05/08/2003
In re Chavez S099172 Thu, 05/15/2003
People v. Batts S101183 Mon, 05/19/2003
People v. Nakahara S018292 Thu, 05/22/2003
Dept. of Finance v.Comm. on Mandates S109219 Thu, 05/22/2003
People v. Buttram S103761 Thu, 05/29/2003
People v. Hammer S104303 Thu, 05/29/2003
Winter v. DC Comics S108751 30 Cal. 4th 881, 69 P.3d 473, 134 Cal. Rptr. 2d 634 Mon, 06/02/2003
People v. Hernandez S020244 Mon, 06/02/2003
Olszewski v. Scripps Health S098409 Mon, 06/02/2003
Robert L. v. Super. Ct. S100359 Thu, 06/05/2003
Ferguson v. Lieff, Cabraser S104444 Mon, 06/09/2003
People v. Cox S004703 Mon, 06/09/2003
In re Cox S004507 Mon, 06/09/2003
Rosen v. State Farm S108308 Thu, 06/12/2003
People v. Flores S105762 Thu, 06/12/2003
People v. Jones S024599 Mon, 06/16/2003
In re Varnell S104614 Thu, 06/19/2003
People v. Meloney S103633 Thu, 06/19/2003
People v. Carter S015381 Thu, 06/19/2003
Viner v. Sweet S101964 Mon, 06/23/2003
Peracchi v. Super. Ct. S103681 Mon, 06/23/2003
Dept. Rehab. v. WCAB S100557 Thu, 06/26/2003
Palmer v. GTE S104997 Thu, 06/26/2003
Intel v. Hamadi S103781A Mon, 06/30/2003
People v. Johnson S097600 Mon, 06/30/2003
Hameid v. National Fire Ins. S104157 Thu, 07/03/2003
Lund v. San Joaquin Valley R.R. S099479 Thu, 07/03/2003
In re Celine R. S111138 Mon, 07/07/2003
Fernandez v. Lawson S107521 Mon, 07/07/2003
People v. Neal S106440 Mon, 07/14/2003
People v. Yeoman S016719 Thu, 07/17/2003
Guillory v. Superior Court S109642 Thu, 07/17/2003
People v. Floyd S105225 Mon, 07/21/2003
People v. Marks S040575 Thu, 07/24/2003
People v. Montes S105781 Thu, 07/31/2003
People v. Sanders S094088 Thu, 07/31/2003
People v. Sapp S023628 Thu, 07/31/2003
Sharon S. v. Sup. Ct. S102671 Mon, 08/04/2003
In re Zeth S. S099557 Mon, 08/04/2003
Lantzy v. Centex Homes S098660 Mon, 08/04/2003
In re Eddie M. S109902 Thu, 08/07/2003
In re Emiliano M. S107904 Thu, 08/07/2003
In re Barnett S096831 Thu, 08/07/2003
Drouet v. Super. Ct. S096161 Mon, 08/11/2003
People v. Brown S026700 Mon, 08/11/2003
Mejia v. Reed S106586 Thu, 08/14/2003
MacKinnon v. Truck Ins. Exch. S104543 Thu, 08/14/2003
People v. Lee S094597 Thu, 08/14/2003
Jarrow Formulas v. LaMarche S106503 Mon, 08/18/2003
Hassan v. Mercy American S106256 Mon, 08/18/2003
People v. Gonzalez (Alejandro) S107167 Thu, 08/21/2003
Southern Cal. Edison v. Peevey S110662 31 Cal. 4th 781, 74 P.3d 795, Util. L. Rep. P 26, 855, 03 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 7580, 2003 Daily Journal D.A.R. 9474 Thu, 08/21/2003
People v. Williams (Robert) S107266 Thu, 08/21/2003
DVD Copy Control v. Bunner S102588 31 Cal. 4th 864, 75 P.3d 1, 4 Cal. Rptr. 3d 69 Mon, 08/25/2003
People v. Crew S034110 Mon, 08/25/2003
People v. Reynoso S103343 Mon, 08/25/2003
Lantzy v. Centex S098660M Wed, 08/27/2003
Kahn v. E. Side Union H.S. Dist. S105735 Thu, 08/28/2003
People v. Heard S035769 Thu, 08/28/2003
DVD Copy Control v. Bunner S102588M Wed, 10/15/2003
People v. Sapp S023628M Wed, 10/15/2003
People v. Sanders S094088M Wed, 10/22/2003
People v. Crew S034110M Wed, 10/29/2003
People v. Brown S026700M Wed, 10/29/2003
People v. Martinez S032832M Wed, 11/12/2003
People v. Lopez S106681 Mon, 11/24/2003
People v. Billa S111341 Mon, 11/24/2003
State Dept. of Health v. Super. Ct. S103487 Mon, 11/24/2003
Schifando v. City of L.A. S106660 Mon, 12/01/2003
People v. Stowell S108187 Mon, 12/01/2003
People v. Butler S107791 Mon, 12/01/2003
P. ex rel. Orloff v. Pacific Bell S099131 Mon, 12/15/2003
Betancourt v. Storke Housing S103942 Mon, 12/15/2003
Eastburn v. Regional Fire Prot. S107792 Thu, 12/18/2003
St. Agnes v. Pacificare S111323 Thu, 12/18/2003
Shively v. Bozanich S094467A Mon, 12/22/2003
People v. Smith S108309 Mon, 12/22/2003
Schifando v. City of L.A. S106660M Tue, 12/23/2003
Bonnell v. Medical Board of Cal. S105798 Mon, 12/29/2003