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Opinions for 2023
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
In re D.P. S267429 Thu, 01/19/2023
People v. Waldon S025520 Mon, 01/23/2023
People v. Thomas S161781 Thu, 01/26/2023
People v. Espinoza S269647 Thu, 01/26/2023
Travis v. Brand S268480 Mon, 01/30/2023
People v. Henderson S265172M Thu, 02/02/2023
People v. Delgadillo S266305M Thu, 02/16/2023
People v. McWilliams S268320 Thu, 02/23/2023
People v. Brown S257631 Thu, 03/02/2023
In re Cabrera S271178 Thu, 03/02/2023
In re Jenkins S267391 Mon, 03/27/2023
People v. Brown S271877 Mon, 03/27/2023
In re Lopez S258912 Mon, 04/03/2023
Michael G. v. Super. Ct. S271809 Thu, 04/06/2023
In re Ferrell S265798 Thu, 04/06/2023
Davis v. Fresno Unified School Dist. S266344 Thu, 04/27/2023
Tansavatdi v. City of Rancho Palos Verdes S267453 Thu, 04/27/2023
In re F.M. S270907 Thu, 05/04/2023
P. ex rel. Garcia-Brower v. Kolla's, Inc. S269456 Mon, 05/22/2023
People v. Catarino S271828 Thu, 05/25/2023
People v. Cooper S273134 Thu, 05/25/2023
L.A. Unified School Dist. v. Super. Ct. S269608 Thu, 06/01/2023
People v. Braden S268925 Mon, 06/05/2023
People v. Wilson S189373 Thu, 06/08/2023
Leon v. County of Riverside S269672 Thu, 06/22/2023
People v. Lewis S272627 Thu, 06/22/2023
People v. Prudholme S271057 Mon, 06/26/2023
Law Finance Group, LLC v. Key S270798 Mon, 06/26/2023
People v. Reyes S270723 Thu, 06/29/2023
Kuciemba v. Victory Woodworks, Inc. S274191 Thu, 07/06/2023
County of Santa Clara v. Superior Court S274927 Mon, 07/10/2023
Quishenberry v. UnitedHealthcare, Inc. S271501 Thu, 07/13/2023
Cal. Medical Assn. v. Aetna Health of Cal., Inc. S269212 Mon, 07/17/2023
Adolph v. Uber Technologies, Inc. S274671 Mon, 07/17/2023
People v. Carney S260063 Thu, 07/20/2023
Allied Premier Ins. v. United Financial Casualty Co. S267746 Mon, 07/24/2023
Family Health Centers of S.D. v. State Dept. of Health Care Services S270326 Mon, 07/24/2023
Doe v. Super. Ct. S272166 Thu, 07/27/2023
Boermeester v. Carry S263180 Mon, 07/31/2023
Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. County of Monterey S271869 Thu, 08/03/2023
Turner v. Victoria S271054 Thu, 08/03/2023
People v. Gray S269237 Mon, 08/14/2023
People v. Schuller S272237 Thu, 08/17/2023
People v. Mumin S271049 Thu, 08/17/2023
Raines v. U.S. Healthworks Medical Group S273630 Mon, 08/21/2023
Pico Neighborhood Association v. City of Santa Monica S263972 Thu, 08/24/2023
People v. Martinez S267138 Thu, 08/24/2023
Camacho v. Superior Court S273391 Thu, 08/31/2023
Pico Neighborhood Assn. v. City of Santa Monica S263972M Wed, 09/20/2023
Gantner v. PG&E Corp. S273340 Mon, 11/20/2023
People v. Salazar S275788 Mon, 11/20/2023
People v. Curiel S272238 Mon, 11/27/2023
In re N.R. S274943 Thu, 12/14/2023
Rodriguez v. Super. Ct. S272129 Thu, 12/14/2023
People v. Rojas S275835 Mon, 12/18/2023