Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2019
Case Name Docket No. Citationsort icon Opinion Decided
In re Masters S130495 Mon, 08/12/2019
Gardner v. Superior Court S246214 Thu, 03/28/2019
People v. Johnson S075727M Thu, 03/14/2019
Monster Energy Company v. Schechter S251392 Thu, 07/11/2019
Quigley v. Garden Valley Fire Protection Dist. S242250 Mon, 07/15/2019
In re Rogers S084292 Mon, 07/15/2019
Satele v. Superior Court S248492 Thu, 07/18/2019
Chen v. Los Angeles Truck Centers, LLC S240245 Mon, 07/22/2019
Wilson v. Cable News Network, Inc. S239686 Mon, 07/22/2019
People v. Young S148462 Thu, 07/25/2019
Noel v. Thrifty Payless S246490 Mon, 07/29/2019
People v. Capers S146939 Thu, 08/08/2019
White v. Square, Inc. S249248 Mon, 08/12/2019
People v. Ovieda S247235 Mon, 08/12/2019
People v. Potts S072161 Thu, 03/28/2019
Voris v. Lampert S241812 Thu, 08/15/2019
In re Ricardo P. S230923 Thu, 08/15/2019
City of Oroville v. Superior Court S243247 Thu, 08/15/2019
Union of Medical Marijuana Patients v. City of San Diego S238563 Mon, 08/19/2019
People v. Foster S248046 Thu, 08/22/2019
People v. Aledamat S248105 Mon, 08/26/2019
People v. Fontenot S247044 Mon, 08/26/2019
Assn. for L.A. Deputy Sheriffs v. Superior Court S243855 Mon, 08/26/2019
In re Ricardo P. S230923M Thu, 08/29/2019
Pitzer College v. Indian Harbor Ins. Co. S239510 Thu, 08/29/2019
OTO, L.L.C. v. Kho S244630 Thu, 08/29/2019
People v. Caro S106274M Thu, 09/12/2019
ZB, N.A. v. Superior Court S246711 Thu, 09/12/2019
People v. Rivera S153881 Thu, 05/23/2019
Stoetzl v. Dept. of Human Resources S244751 Mon, 07/01/2019
People v. Mendez S129501 Mon, 07/01/2019
People v. Valenzuela S239122M Thu, 06/27/2019
People v. Molano S161399 Thu, 06/27/2019
People v. Canizales S221958 Mon, 06/24/2019
People v. Mitchell S147335 Mon, 06/24/2019
City and County of S.F. v. The Regents of the University of Cal. S242835 Thu, 06/20/2019
People v. Caro S106274 Thu, 06/13/2019
In re Cook S240153 Mon, 06/03/2019
People v. Valenzuela S239122 Mon, 06/03/2019
Southern Cal. Gas Leak Cases S246669 Thu, 05/30/2019
Plantier v. Ramona Mun. Water Dist. S243360 Thu, 05/30/2019
Heimlich v. Shivji S243029 Thu, 05/30/2019
Christensen v. Lightbourne S245395 Mon, 07/08/2019
People v. Erskine S127621 Thu, 05/23/2019
In re Webb S247074 Thu, 05/23/2019
People v. Dalton S046848 Thu, 05/16/2019
Black Sky Capital, LLC v. Cobb S243294 Mon, 05/06/2019 Inc. v. DoubleVerify Inc. S244157 Mon, 05/06/2019
People v. Bell S080056 Thu, 05/02/2019
People v. Sanchez S087569 Mon, 04/29/2019
Melendez v. S.F. Baseball Associates LLC S245607 Thu, 04/25/2019
People v. Westerfield S112691M Thu, 04/11/2019
People v. Lara S243975 Thu, 04/11/2019
T-Mobile West LLC v. City and County of S.F. S238001 Thu, 04/04/2019
People v. Aranda S214116 Thu, 04/04/2019
In re H.W. S237415A Thu, 03/28/2019