Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2015
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
Hudec v. Super. Ct. S213003 Mon, 01/05/2015
People v. Grimes S076339 Mon, 01/05/2015
Mendiola v. CPS Security Solutions S212704 Thu, 01/08/2015
People v. Trujillo S213687 Mon, 01/12/2015
People v. Aguilar S213571 60 Cal. 4th 862, 182 Cal. Rptr. 3d 137, 340 P.3d 366, 15 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 267, 2015 Daily Journal D.A.R. 360 Mon, 01/12/2015
Richey v. Autonation, Inc. S207536 60 Cal.4th 909m, 341 P.3d 438, 15 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 1024, 2015 Daily Journal D.A.R. 1229 Thu, 01/29/2015
Johnson v. Department of Justice S209167 60 Cal. 4th 871, 341 P.3d 1075, 183 Cal. Rptr. 3d 96, 15 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 1028, 2015 Daily Journal D.A.R. 1234 Thu, 01/29/2015
People v. Cook S215927 60 Cal.4th 922 (2015); 342 P.3d 404 (2015); 15 Cal. Daily Op. Serv. 1268 (2015), 2015 Daily Journal D.A.R. 1466. Thu, 02/05/2015
State Dept. Public Health v. Super. Ct. S214679 Thu, 02/19/2015
State of Cal. ex rel. CHP v. Super. Ct. S214221 Thu, 02/26/2015
People v. Johnson S093235 Thu, 02/26/2015
In re Taylor S206143 Mon, 03/02/2015
People v. Mosley S187965 Mon, 03/02/2015
Berkeley Hillside Preservation v. City of Berkeley S201116 Mon, 03/02/2015
Tract 19051 Homeowners Assn. v. Kemp S211596 Thu, 03/05/2015
People v. Loper S211840 Thu, 03/05/2015
Chang on Admission S223736 Mon, 03/16/2015
Coffey v. Shiomoto S213545 Mon, 04/06/2015
People v. Diaz S205145 Mon, 04/06/2015
Cal. Charter Schools Assn. v. L.A. Unified School Dist. S208611 Thu, 04/09/2015
People v. Sasser S217128 Thu, 04/23/2015
People v. Smith, Jr. S112442A Mon, 04/27/2015
People v. Smith, Jr. S112442 Mon, 04/27/2015
People v. Kopatz S097414 Thu, 04/30/2015
Williams v. Chino Valley Independent Fire Dist. S213100 Mon, 05/04/2015
In re Cipro Cases I & II S198616 Thu, 05/07/2015
In re R.V. S212346 Mon, 05/18/2015
People v. Cross S212157 Mon, 05/18/2015
South Coast Framing v. WCAB S215637 Thu, 05/28/2015
People v. Ford S212940 Thu, 05/28/2015
People v. Trujeque S083594 Thu, 05/28/2015
Berkeley Hillside Preservation v. City of Berkeley S201116M Thu, 05/28/2015
People v. Charles S076337 Mon, 06/01/2015
State Dept. of State Hospitals v. Super. Ct. S215132 Mon, 06/01/2015
People v. Scott S064858 Mon, 06/08/2015
Cal. Bldg. Industry Assn. v. City of San Jose S212072 Mon, 06/15/2015
People v. Le S202921 Mon, 06/15/2015
In re Welch S107782 Mon, 06/22/2015
P. ex rel. Green v. Grewal S217896 Thu, 06/25/2015
People v. Elizalde S215260 Thu, 06/25/2015
People v. Leon S056766 Mon, 06/29/2015
People v. Cunningham S051342 Thu, 07/02/2015
People v. Johnson S219454 Thu, 07/02/2015
People v. Super. Ct. (Johnson) S221296 Mon, 07/06/2015
People v. Johnson S105857 Thu, 07/09/2015
People v. Banks S213819 Thu, 07/09/2015
DKN Holdings LLC v. Faerber S218597 Mon, 07/13/2015
Marriage of Davis S215050 Mon, 07/20/2015
Even Zohar Construction & Remodeling v. Bellaire Townhouses S210804 Mon, 07/20/2015
Estate of Duke S199435 Mon, 07/27/2015
Publication Order for B241727 S214150 Thu, 07/30/2015
City of San Diego v. Bd. of Trustees of the Cal. State Univ. S199557 Mon, 08/03/2015
Sanchez v. Valencia Holding Co. S199119 Mon, 08/03/2015
People v. Brown S218993 Thu, 08/06/2015
Hartford Casualty Ins. Co. v. J.R. Marketing, L.L.C. S211645 Mon, 08/10/2015
People v. Nguyen S076340 Thu, 08/13/2015
Cordova v. City of Los Angeles S208130 Thu, 08/13/2015
B.H. v. County of San Bernardino S213066 Mon, 11/30/2015
Center for Biological Diversity v. Cal. Dept. Fish & Wildlife S217763 Mon, 11/30/2015
People v. Cage S120583 Thu, 12/03/2015
Quesada v. Herb Thyme Farms, Inc. S216305 Thu, 12/03/2015
People v. Stevens S209643 Thu, 12/10/2015
Hampton v. County of San Diego S213132 Thu, 12/10/2015
People v. Goolsby S216648M Thu, 12/17/2015
Cal. Building Industry Assn. v. Bay Area Air Quality Mgmt. S213478 Thu, 12/17/2015
People v. Sandoval S115872 Thu, 12/24/2015
Gillette Co. v. Franchise Tax Bd. S206587 Thu, 12/31/2015