Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2006
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
People v. Shelton S124503 Thu, 01/05/2006
People v. Jablonski S041630 Mon, 01/23/2006
People v. Hinton S037302 Thu, 01/26/2006
Pacific Lumber v. Water Res. Control Bd. S124464 Mon, 01/30/2006
Marr. of Brown & Yana S131030 Thu, 02/02/2006
People v. Salas S126773 37 Cal. 4th 967, 127 P.3d 40, 38 Cal. Rptr. 3d 624 Mon, 02/06/2006
Costa v. Super. Ct. S136294 Thu, 02/16/2006
Rusheen v. Cohen S123203 Thu, 02/23/2006
Connerly v. State Personnel Bd. S125502 Thu, 03/02/2006
People v. Guerra S036864 Thu, 03/02/2006
In re Thomas S063274 Mon, 03/06/2006
People v. Sturm S031423 Mon, 03/06/2006
People v. Hofsheier S124636 Mon, 03/06/2006
Frye v. Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Inc. S127641 Thu, 03/09/2006
Evans v. City of Berkeley S112621 Thu, 03/09/2006
People v. Shabazz S131048 Mon, 03/27/2006
Avila v. Citrus Community College Dist. S119575 38 Cal. 4th 148, 131 P.3d 383, 41 Cal. Rptr. 3d 299 Thu, 04/06/2006
People v. Jurado S042968 Thu, 04/06/2006
People v. Huggins S037006 Mon, 04/10/2006
Lyle v. Warner Bros. S125171 Thu, 04/20/2006
People v. Perry S055474 Mon, 04/24/2006
Morning Star v. SBE S123481 Mon, 04/24/2006
People v. Chatman S032509 Mon, 05/08/2006
People v. Boyer S029476 Thu, 05/11/2006
People v. Avila S045982 Mon, 05/15/2006
People v. King S129052 Mon, 05/15/2006
In re Freeman S122590 Thu, 05/18/2006
S.F. Fire Fighters v. S.F. S131818 Thu, 05/18/2006
People v. Johnson S119230 Mon, 05/22/2006
People v. McGee S123474 Mon, 05/22/2006
Californians for Open Primary v. McPherson S126780 Thu, 05/25/2006
Stephens v. Cty. of Tulare S129794 Thu, 05/25/2006
People v. Thompson S130174 Thu, 06/01/2006
S.F. v. Cobra Solutions S126397 Mon, 06/05/2006
People v. Standish S129755 Mon, 06/05/2006
Carter v. Dept. of Veterans Affairs S127921 Thu, 06/08/2006
Ordlock v. Franchise Tax Bd. S127649 Thu, 06/08/2006
People v. Cole S121724 Mon, 06/12/2006
People v. Gonzalez S072946 Mon, 06/12/2006
People v. Corpuz S128884 Thu, 06/15/2006
People v. Hudson S122816 Mon, 06/19/2006
Independent Energy Producers v. McPherson S135819 Mon, 06/19/2006
Estate of Saueressig S129110 Thu, 06/22/2006
Michaelis etc. v. Super. Ct. S133464 Thu, 06/22/2006
People v. Johnson S127602A Mon, 06/26/2006
People v. Wells S128640 38 Cal. 4th 1078, 136 P.3d 810, 45 Cal. Rptr. 3d 8 Mon, 06/26/2006
People v. Brendlin S123133 Thu, 06/29/2006
People v. Saunders S122744 Thu, 06/29/2006
Big Creek Lumber v. Cty. of Santa Cruz S123659 Thu, 06/29/2006
People v. Reed S136345 Mon, 07/03/2006
John B. v. Super. Ct. S128248 Mon, 07/03/2006
Essex Ins. v. Five Star Dye etc. S131992 Thu, 07/06/2006
People v. Wilson S130157 Thu, 07/06/2006
People v. Vasquez S128854 Mon, 07/10/2006
Smith v. Super. Ct. S129476 Mon, 07/10/2006
People v. Demetrulias S046733 Mon, 07/10/2006
Kearney v. Salomon Smith Barney S124739 Thu, 07/13/2006
Pilimai v. Farmers Ins. S133850 Thu, 07/13/2006
P v. Moore S125314A Mon, 07/17/2006
Auerbach v. Assessment Appeals Bd. S134920 Mon, 07/17/2006
Kibler v. N. Inyo etc. Hospital Dist. S131641A Thu, 07/20/2006
Marriage of Fellows S127874 Thu, 07/20/2006
Californians etc. v. Mervyns S131798 Mon, 07/24/2006
Branick v. Downey Savings S132433 Mon, 07/24/2006
Bighorn Desert etc. v. Verjil S127535 Mon, 07/24/2006
Soukup v. Hafif S126715 Thu, 07/27/2006
Flatley v. Mauro S128429 Thu, 07/27/2006
People v. Cottle S126550 Thu, 07/27/2006
S.B. Beach Properties v. Berti S127513 Mon, 07/31/2006
City of Marina v. Cal. State Trustees S117816 Mon, 07/31/2006
Dore v. Arnold Worldwide S124494 Thu, 08/03/2006
People v. Ramirez S012944 Mon, 08/07/2006
People v. Modiri S120238 Mon, 08/07/2006
Regency Outdoor etc. v. City of L.A. S132619 Mon, 08/07/2006
People v. Warner S126233 Thu, 08/10/2006
In re Derrick B. S124205 Thu, 08/10/2006
Claremont Police etc. v. City of Claremont S120546 39 Cal. 4th 623, 139 P.3d 532, 47 Cal. Rptr. 3d 69 Mon, 08/14/2006
People v. Cook S042223 Mon, 08/14/2006
Microsoft v. Franchise Tax Bd. S133343 Thu, 08/17/2006
General Motors v. Franchise Tax Bd. S127086 Thu, 08/17/2006
People v. Ledesma S014394 Thu, 08/17/2006
People v. Rogers S005502 Mon, 08/21/2006
Bernard v. Foley S136070 Mon, 08/21/2006
People v. Stanley S022224 Thu, 08/24/2006
People v. Lewis & Oliver S033436 Thu, 08/24/2006
Priebe v. Nelson S126412 Mon, 08/28/2006
People v. Dominguez S130860 Mon, 08/28/2006
People v. Garcia S124090 Mon, 08/28/2006
Wells v. One2One Learning S123951 Thu, 08/31/2006
State ex rel. Harris v. PricewaterhouseCoopers S131807 Thu, 08/31/2006
Copley Press v. Super. Ct. S128603 Thu, 08/31/2006
People v. Pokovich S127176 Thu, 08/31/2006
Regency Outdoor Advertising v. City of Los Angeles S132619M Wed, 10/11/2006
People v. Stanley S022224M Wed, 10/18/2006
Wells v. One2One S123951M Wed, 10/25/2006
People v. Dominguez S130860M Thu, 11/02/2006
People v. Lewis & Oliver S033436M Thu, 11/02/2006
Dept. ABC v. ABC Appeals Bd. S133331 Mon, 11/13/2006
TRB Investments v. Fireman's Fund S136690 Mon, 11/13/2006
Barrett v. Rosenthal S122953 40 Cal. 4th 33, 146 P.3d 510, 51 Cal. Rptr. 3d 55 Mon, 11/20/2006
People v. Neidinger S133798 Mon, 11/20/2006
People v. Kelly S133114 Mon, 11/27/2006
People v. Wright S128442 Mon, 11/27/2006
In re Jaime P. S135263 Thu, 11/30/2006
Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. v. Montes-Harris S130717 40 Cal. 4th 151, 146 P.3d 1251, 51 Cal. Rptr. 3d 709 Thu, 12/07/2006
People v. Trujillo S130080 Mon, 12/11/2006
Fair v. Bakhtiari S129220A Thu, 12/14/2006
In re Burton S034725 Mon, 12/18/2006
City of Goleta v. Super. Ct. S129125 Thu, 12/21/2006
Agua Caliente Band etc. v. Super. Ct. S123832 Thu, 12/21/2006
People v. Williams S056391 Thu, 12/28/2006