Supreme Court of California Justia
Opinions for 2005
Case Name Docket No. Citation Opinion Decidedsort icon
People v. Smith S123074 Thu, 12/29/2005
P. ex rel. Lockyer v. R.J. Reynolds S121009 Thu, 12/22/2005
Barratt etc. v. Rancho Cucamonga S117590 Thu, 12/22/2005
Kinsman v. Unocal Corp. S118561 Mon, 12/19/2005
People v. Robinson S040703 Thu, 12/15/2005
People v. Manriquez S038073A Mon, 12/05/2005
People v. Yartz S117964A Mon, 12/05/2005
State Personnel Bd. v. Dept. Personnel Admin. S119498 Thu, 12/01/2005
People v. Murphy S125572 Mon, 11/28/2005
People v. Elliot S057063 Mon, 11/28/2005
People v. Partida S127505 Mon, 11/21/2005
Powerine Oil Co. v. Super. Ct. S113295N Thu, 10/27/2005
People v. Carter S023000M Wed, 10/26/2005
People v. Schmeck S015008M Wed, 10/12/2005
Powerine Oil v. Super. Ct. S113295 Mon, 08/29/2005
County of San Diego v. Ace S114778 Mon, 08/29/2005
People v. Harris S058092 Mon, 08/29/2005
People v. Gray S014664 Thu, 08/25/2005
People v. Schmeck S015008 Thu, 08/25/2005
Elisa B. v. Sup. Ct. S125912 Mon, 08/22/2005
K.M. v. E.G. S125643 Mon, 08/22/2005
Kristine H. v. Lisa R. S126945 Mon, 08/22/2005
State v. Altus Finance, S.A. S119046 36 Cal. 4th 1284, 116 P.3d 1175, 32 Cal. Rptr. 3d 498 Thu, 08/18/2005
People v. Carter S014021 Mon, 08/15/2005
People v. Carter S023000 Mon, 08/15/2005
Marr. of Benson S122254 Thu, 08/11/2005
Reynolds v. Bement S115823 Thu, 08/11/2005
Yanowitz v. L S115154 Thu, 08/11/2005
P. ex rel. Dept. of Conservation v. El Dorado Co. SC S116870.PDF - S116870.DOC Aug 08 2005 Sara M. v. Super. Ct. S129821 Mon, 08/08/2005
Grafton Partners v. Sup. Ct. S123344 Thu, 08/04/2005
People v. Dunkle S014200 Thu, 08/04/2005
Koebke v. Bernardo Heights etc. S124179 36 Cal. 4th 824, 115 P.3d 1212, 31 Cal. Rptr. 3d 565 Mon, 08/01/2005
Fitch v. Forest Products S116223 Mon, 08/01/2005
People v. Garcia S124003 Thu, 07/28/2005
CA. State Personnel Bd. v. CSEA S122058 Thu, 07/28/2005
People v. Blair S011636 Thu, 07/28/2005
In re Josiah Z. S125822 Mon, 07/25/2005
Scottsdale Ins. Co. v. MV Transport. S123766 Mon, 07/25/2005
People v. Kennedy S037195 Mon, 07/25/2005
In re Roberts S112505 Thu, 07/21/2005
People v. Davis S012945 Thu, 07/21/2005
Cummins v. Super Ct. S117726 Mon, 07/18/2005
Miller v. Dept. of Corrections S114097 Mon, 07/18/2005
Boghos v. Lloyd's of London S117735 Mon, 07/18/2005
MW Erectors v. Niederhauser S123238 Thu, 07/14/2005
People v. Athar S119975 Thu, 07/14/2005
People v. Martinez S118180 Thu, 07/14/2005
Maynard v. Brandon S114829 Mon, 07/11/2005
People v. Wilson S039632 Mon, 07/11/2005
People v. Seijas S123790 Thu, 07/07/2005
O S115495 Thu, 07/07/2005
Delgado v. Trax Bar & Grill S117287 Thu, 06/30/2005
Morris v. De La Torre S119750 Thu, 06/30/2005
People v. Ward S019697 Thu, 06/30/2005
Discover Bank v. Sup. Ct. S113725 Mon, 06/27/2005
People v. Samuels S042278 Mon, 06/27/2005
Marine Forests etc. v. Coastal Comm. S113466 Thu, 06/23/2005
In Re Silverton S123042 Thu, 06/23/2005
People v. Sorden S120677 Thu, 06/23/2005
People v. Black S126182 Mon, 06/20/2005
People v. Perez S111985 Mon, 06/20/2005
Simon v. San Paolo etc. S121933 Thu, 06/16/2005
Johnson v. Ford Motor Co. S121723 Thu, 06/16/2005
Gomez v. Sup. Ct. S118489 Thu, 06/16/2005
Wasatch etc. v. Degrate S112386 35 Cal. 4th 1111, 112 P.3d 647, 29 Cal. Rptr. 3d 262 Mon, 06/13/2005
Le Francois v. Goel S126630A Fri, 06/10/2005
Coachella Valley etc. v. PERB S122060 Thu, 06/09/2005
Snowney v. Harrah's S124286 Mon, 06/06/2005
In re Salazar S119066 Mon, 06/06/2005
Warrick v. Super. Ct. S115738 Thu, 06/02/2005
People v. Wright S119067 Thu, 05/26/2005
People v. Randle S117370 Thu, 05/26/2005
People v. Dickey S025519 Mon, 05/23/2005
Sierra Club v. Cal. Coastal Com. S116081 Thu, 05/19/2005
People v. Garza S120551 Thu, 05/19/2005
People v. Williams S114184 Mon, 05/16/2005
Fox v. Ethicon Endo-Surgery S121173 Mon, 05/09/2005
In re Reeves S110887 Mon, 05/09/2005
Julian v. Hartford Underwriters S109735A Thu, 05/05/2005
People v. Roldan S030644 Mon, 04/25/2005
People v. Thomas S118052 Mon, 04/18/2005
Parnell v. Adventist Health S114888 Mon, 04/04/2005
Burbank v. State Water etc. Bd. S119248 Mon, 04/04/2005
People v. Stitely S028970 Mon, 03/21/2005
People v. Guzman S119129 Mon, 03/21/2005
Donaldson v. National Marine S110301 Mon, 03/14/2005
People v. Panah S045504 Mon, 03/14/2005
Cronus Invest. v. Concierge Serv. S116288 Thu, 03/10/2005
People v. Smith S026223 Thu, 03/10/2005
Campbell v. Regents S113275 Mon, 03/07/2005
People v. Vieira S026040 Mon, 03/07/2005
Varian Medical Systems, Inc. v. Delfino S121400 Thu, 03/03/2005
In re Sakarias S082299 Thu, 03/03/2005
People v. Harrison S035367 Thu, 03/03/2005
In re Howard N. S123722 Thu, 02/24/2005
People v. Benavides S033440 Thu, 02/17/2005
HLC Properties, Limited v. Super. Ct. S120332 Mon, 02/14/2005
Honeywell v. WCAB (Wagner) S113201 Thu, 02/10/2005
In re Hawthorne S116670 Thu, 02/10/2005
Walker v. L.A. Cty. MTA S123853 Thu, 02/03/2005
People v. Carson S117568 Thu, 02/03/2005
Amer. Financial v. City of Oakland S119869 Mon, 01/31/2005
People v. Young S018909 Mon, 01/31/2005
People v. Howard S108353 Thu, 01/27/2005
People v. Gonzalez S122240 Mon, 01/24/2005
In re Dannenburg S111029 Mon, 01/24/2005
People v. Betts S111309 Thu, 01/13/2005
Home Ins. v. Super. Ct. S110328 Thu, 01/13/2005
Burris v. Sup. Ct. S109746 Mon, 01/10/2005
People v. Lopez S119294 Thu, 01/06/2005