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Citation 49 Cal.3d 430
In re Joseph

In re Joseph (1989) 49 Cal.3d 430 , 261 Cal.Rptr. 407; 777 P.2d 180

[No. S010266. Supreme Court of California. August 23, 1989.]

In re CARL GARRETT JOSEPH on Disbarment

(Opinion by The Court.)


John Yzurdiaga for Petitioner.

Diane C. Yu, Truitt A. Richey, Jr., Marta B. Galeano, Harriet Cohen and Christina Hill for Respondent. [49 Cal.3d 431]



[1] Carl Garrett Joseph, admitted to practice in 1976, pleaded nolo contendere to two felonies: falsifying government documents (Gov. Code, § 6200), and appropriation of money by an officer of the state. (Pen. Code, § 424, subd. 1.) The trial court placed him on probation with certain conditions, including that he serve nine months in jail. We referred the matter to the State Bar for a hearing, report, and recommendation on the question whether the facts and circumstances surrounding the commission of the offenses involved moral turpitude or other misconduct warranting discipline and, if so found, what discipline should be imposed. The State Bar's report has now been filed; the review department concludes that Joseph's offenses involved moral turpitude and recommends that Joseph be disbarred.

Joseph has filed objections but has not requested oral argument (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 951(d)). This court, after reviewing the entire record and considering all the facts and circumstances, has concluded that Joseph's offenses involved moral turpitude and that he should be disbarred.

It is therefore ordered that the name of Carl Garrett Joseph be stricken from the roll of attorneys and that he be disbarred from the practice of law in the State of California. It is further ordered that Joseph comply with the provisions of rule 955 of the California Rules of Court, performing the acts specified in subdivisions (a) and (c) of that rule within 30 and 40 days, respectively, after the effective date of this order. (See Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6126, subd. (c).) This order is effective upon finality of this opinion. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 24(a).)


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Wed, 08/23/198949 Cal.3d 430S010266State Bar - Disciplinecase closed

1Joseph, Carl G. (Petitioner)
Represented by John Yzurdiaga
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Suite 605
Los Angeles, CA

2State Bar Court (Appellant)
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3State Bar Of California (Appellant)
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Aug 23 1989Memorandum opinion filed

May 16 1989Objections to the report & recommendation filed
W/Perm (Bm 5539)
Jun 16 1989Filed:
State Bar's brief in support of Report & Recom- Mendation of State Bar Court
Aug 23 1989Memorandum opinion filed
Ordered disbarred; Comply with 955 (a) & (c) within 30 & 40 days after effective date. Effective upon finality of this opinion (CRC 24(a)). Opinion issued By The Court.
Oct 5 1989Affidavit re 955 Compliance
W/Member's New Address.
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Jul 16 1997Record of Reinstatement Proceedings
Aug 5 1997Note:
Processed Order
Aug 14 1997Petitioner reinstated
Carl Garrett Joseph as Member of the State Bar Upon Payment of the Fees & Taking the Oath Required by Law.